This is the community forum for all Waterfowl Hunters. 

Rules and Regulations:

  • This is a forum for Waterfowlers, please keep any topics created centered around that purpose.
  • Do not spam the forum.
  • Be respectful of everyone.
  • Watch your language.
  • No threats, intimidation, harassment, or discrimination. Act like and adult.
  • No nudity of any kind or violent images.
  • Do not hijack a thread to begin an off topic disagreement with the poster.
  • Do not share personal information like your address, full name, SSN, birth date, etc. Hunting reports are allowed, and you can use the nearest city to you as a location.
  • If you have a problem, you can speak to an admin by emailing info@waterfowllife.com . Do not create a thread about your problems, or else it will be deleted.
  • No trolling.
  • Failure to follow any Rules will result in termination of the users account, as well as any legal action necessary required by local state law.

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